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We are a highly skilled team of cinematographers and technicians, creating unique live action imagery.

Experienced professional people who know how to capture and create outstanding moments in truly remarkable ways.

We bring our expertise to shooting and delivering your commercial, your film, creatively and to the highest technical standard.


We are very proud of our work, we would like to thank the directors, producers and creatives who have put their trust and faith in us to deliver their films.


In the past Phantom cameras have mainly been used as a ‘B’ camera to provide breath taking slow motion and have been generally overlooked as an ‘A’ camera. With the release of the 4K Flex this is no longer the case.

With 14 stops of dynamic range and a max resolution of 4096 x 2304 it creates truly beautiful images at all frame rates, which can be seamlessly changed, from 15fps to 1000fps in 4K. Internally record 12 bit CINE RAW to get the most out of your grade, alternatively you can record ProRes 422(HQ) internally for a faster post workflow.

All in all the Phantom Flex 4K is a stunning creative tool, which can really bring that wow factor to your production.

We supply our own specialist equipment that uses both proven and emerging technologies


The Revolution lens system allows maximum flexibility for creative macro shots, with 360 degree panning and a snorkel design it is ideal for tabletop. It comes with two interchangeable lens mounts, a PL mount, so you can use it with full size PL cine primes or zooms and a mini PL mount along with a set of mini PL primes: 9.8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 24mm, 32mm, 40mm and 60mm, which are great for getting into challenging positions.

The nature of the snorkel design allows you to get shots you never thought possible before, with two axis points of 360 degree rotation you can get inventive angles on your product without having to move the camera.



Documentary Style Pick up and Shoot Professional Grade Video Camera

Nokia Ozo VR

No more complex multi-camera rigs:  this is the first Virtual Reality device to capture 360° spherical video and 360x360 surround sound, with the elegant workflow professionals need. 




As far as functionality goes look no further than the Sony F55, with a great selection of codecs and gammas it is highly adaptable to meet your production needs. The XAVC format combined with the Slog 3 gamma curve provide a great platform for you to go into grade with, alternatively you can burn in a range of LUTs which will give you great results and speed up the post process. A resolution of 4K and frame rates up to 150fps at HD this camera truly is a one size fits all.


An absolute little gem and a great addition to our family of cameras, although it may not look like much the A7s MKii packs a lot into its small body. Capable of shooting 4K and up to 100fps at HD it also has amazing low light capabilities. With a base ISO of 3200 it virtually sees in the dark.

Its ability to shoot Slog 2 and 3 make it a natural B camera for the Sony F55 and the inclusion of an E mount to PL mount adapter also allows you to use cine primes. Due to its small size it you can get really creative your angles, whether you mount it in a car or on the handle bars of a bike, it can add a sense of dynamism to your shoot. 

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